Friday, November 15, 2013

Things going on...

 Life is pretty busy lately, but I managed to get a bit of sewing done last weekend - I used some scraps and made a medium sized open wide pouch. I had plans for a couple more (you might spot the scraps in the background), but it didn't happen.
It is a bright and colourful pouch, but I must admit I liked the smaller size better, so the next couple will be smaller. Nice Christmas presents anyway.
I have also cut fabric for another quilt.
Which will look something like this. All very well, the plans are there, but the fact is there will be very little sewing during the next couple of weeks. I packed my sewing machine away today. In fact, I have packed a lot of things away already and more will follow...

... because, after two years of searching, I'm happy to announce that I have bought a new flat and will be moving in less than a fortnight! Panic! I have lots and lots of stuff to pack! Will I manage in time? Panic some more! It will be all right in the end, I'm sure, but the sewing projects will have to wait as I pack, move and unpack, and paint my sewing room. Yes! I will be getting a sewing room - or shall we call it a studio? I can hardly wait!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Did I show you this?

It is so easy to get lost in Instagram these days, sharing photos of things along the way and forgetting thet you haven't blogged about them. So I mentioned that I cut the pieces for this quilt a way back, but there has been no proof of actual sewing on the blog. Things have been a bit chaotic lately and I had to come up with another solution than using my design wall (which is a grand name for a flannel sheet I hang on the wall...) so here is what I did. I had drawn the quilt design  - copied after an antique quilt I came across on Pinterest - in my quilt design software, EQ. After making all the blocks, I used the scanned fabrics in the blocks and decided on a random(ish) placement. I tend to get a bit muddled while assembling a quilt top where the blocks are set on point, so I needed a visual aid. The solution was to copy the quilt layout from EQ onto my iPad. I opened the picture in Skitch and used the drawing tool to mark each row after assembling. It worked like a dream and I didn't get muddled at all!
And so here it is. The line is 2wentyThr3e by Cosmo Cricket, with Sketch in Charcoal for contrast. I have to admit that I love the result, although I have been told by the Quilt Police that it is all wrong, as it isn't made in "my colours". Who cares? My colours are all the colours in the world, so there! I haven't decided how to quilt it yet, but that won't happen for a while anyway - I have boxes to pack...