Sunday, March 20, 2011


After what seemed like miles of hand stitched binding I finally finished this quilt last night while watching endless news bulletins about Japan and Libya. When it all became too much, I escaped into the fairytale world  of Indiana Jones. I got a gift certificate for Christmas from a record shop I don't normally visit, because it is so far away from where I live. But when I read in the paper that they were closing down, it was time to get shopping. The closing down sale had been going on for a while, so most of the good stuff was gone, but I came away with a boxed set of Indiana Jones dvds and the new Rumer CD. Quite a catch, really. The only downside is that now we're down to one single record shop in my town. Well, with everybody downloading music it is to be espected, I suppose.

Oh well, back to the quilt. I have mentioned it earlier, of course, but seeing it all quilted makes a difference I think. It is made from a designer roll from Westminster Fabrics. The fabrics are designed by Philip Jacobs who is part of the Kaffe Fassett Collective. I cut all the strips in half and mixed them up and just stitched two and two together randomly before cutting them in 3 1/2" pieces and stitched them together two and two before adding strips of black on two sides, ending with 6" square blocks. Alternating the direction of the blocks makes a nice woven effect, I think. I pieced the backing from a variety of green fabrics from my stash.
When in doubt about quilting patterns I tend to end up with this swirly floral pattern. It just seems to flow so easily and fills large areas quickly. All the luscious flowers and the black background reminded me of baroque flower paintings, so I thought Baroque would be a fitting name for this quilt.


Lily Boot said...

what a beautiful quilt! It looks like a wonderfully vivid collection of photos mounted on black - and how clever, I am looking and looking but still can't work out how it's assembled. I'm with you on Japan and Libya - honestly, I wonder if the world's fallen off its axle! Bring on Indiana!

Alicia said...

Looks beautiful! I did this same pattern, but I love the bright pinks on the black sashing!