Saturday, March 26, 2011

Please tell me I'm not crazy!

 I finally got round to start quilting the owl quilt today. This was supposed to be a quick one, with big pieces and big blocks (20") and I'm backing it with fleece, so the quilting would have to be simple. I decided to do a grid around the six blocks first. After discarding all the spools of grey thread in my stash for being not grey enough, too blue, too brown or, well, just too grey, I decided to use a raspberry cotton and was quite happy with the result. Then I found myself sitting there staring at it for ages later, trying to decide what to do next. No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't shake my initial idea of handquilting around each of the squares and rectangles in the blocks. So having wasted quite a bit of time lost in space, I eventually settled down with a stack of Gilmore Girls DVDs and some grey cotton floss. Several hours later, having stitched around six of ten pieces in one block, I really like the effect, but I'm not all that fast when it comes to hand stitching. The thing is, that this quilt is for my sister's birthday next Sunday. Seven days is an ocean of time...
- So I can make it, right?
EQ sketch of the quilt.

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