Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Same picture, different words...

Yes, it is the same picture as yesterday! I promised to tell you about the rest of the UFOs, didn't I? :-) Well here goes: The left picture in the top row is one of a series of garden stitcheries that I intend to use in a quilt. I have gathered several pastel coloured fabrics and drafted a pattern for it, so I just need to get stitching. Several of the blocks will be appliqué, so with a bit of preparation this could become a great project to carry around in my handbag.
The brown and yellow quilt in the second row is one of a series of calendar quilts I dreamed up years ago. I have made 7 of them so far, and have 5 to go - one for each month. They all have the same block, but with different placement of lights and darks, so you get different effects. I started making these as practice pieces for free motion machine quilting, and have stitched the name of the month and the names of friends and relations with birthdays during that month on each one. My machine quilting could still benefit from some practice, so I really should make an effort to finish the last five tops.
The quilt top on the far right in the middle row is a Disappearing Nine Patch made of blocks I received as a gift. I plan to make it into a reversible quilt by adding a pieced backing.
Then there is the Autumn garden quilt made from Lonni Rossi fabrics. Another finished quilt top there. This one is also going to get a pieced backing, all in turquoise, I think.
In the middle of the bottom row you get a glimpse of my Grandmother's Garden quilt. This is the one I carry around to guild meetings and such these days. I'm working on the leaves and yo-yos for the border vine. I must confess that I'm rather bored with it, so maybe I should speed the work up a bit just to get it done?
The last one is the one I started in a log cabin class at my guild a while ago. I have used a curtain fabric with illuminated letters, surrounded by strips, courthouse step style, making this my Medieval Court House Quilt. This is the one destined for my bed once it is done, but I still have some blocks to make before that goal is reached...
So you see that I have my work cut out for me. And this is just my UFOs - I daren't make any lists of all the quilts I plan to make yet... Never enough time, and all that -but isn't it fun to plot and dream?

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