Monday, January 04, 2010

UFOs and WIPs

I mentioned earlier that I intend to finsih some of those UFOs, so in the spirit of the new year and new beginnings I decided to take stock of what I have. I've included my two WIPs as well (works in progress) just so they don't get lost in the stampede ;-) Not very likely right now, as I have been working on them a bit every day, but you never know - I might get distracted...

The WIPs are the red, white and turquoise quilt in the middle of the top row (working on the border) and my sister's bag in the middle (shoulder strap left to stitch and attach). The rest represent a lot of different styles and tecniques, and almost all of them have been introduced here earlier.

I'm not sure about the one in the top right hand corner, though. That one was almost forgotten, although I have known about it in the back of my mind forever it seems. It was started ages ago (we're talking early nineties here...) from a block of the month series in Quiltmaker. There are twelve pictures, one representing each month and a chequered frame around each one. It was presented as a series of small quilts, but I decided to make it into one big quilt instead, and decided to let the colours run from red via purple to blue on the squares in the sashing and from light in the middle to dark at the edges. I remember spending ages moving those little squares around on my design wall before I was happy with the placement. Then I organized it all in a ring binder with squares mounted on paper and placed in plastic pockets to make sure I remembered where everything was to go. All very well, but the problem was that the ring binder was very easy to place on a shelf and forget about. It has taken part in three big moves over the years and I have always known where it was, but there have been other projects that have been more tempting along the way and also my taste has changed. The other day I took it out to have a look, and all of a sudden I was inspired to start working on it again. I'm sure a child somewhere might be happy to receive it once it is done, so I'm definitely going to make an effort to finish it.
This post seems to go on and on, so I'll get back to the rest of the UFOs later.

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