Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Messenger bag, check!

I finally got my act together and finished my sister's bag. Poor love, she has been waiting long enough, and has been extremely patient with me. The thing is, it has been so cold lately that I have been reluctant to venture into my sewing room. But once I did so, the actual construction of the bag was done in a jiffy. The lid and the pocket have been ready for a while, so there really wasn't much left to do. Several urgent texts to my youngest sister to get her to provide measurements, based on the bag I made for her a while back, made me realize that I need to take better notes when I make something from scratch. Now, I never thought I would need to make another one, but that's just it - you never know!

It turned out that eyballing the strap and thinking that the leftover strip was just the right length, turned out to be an unwise decision. I ended up ripping it off and making a longer one than the one you see in the picture so that it can be worn messenger bag style with the strap across the chest.
The photo (my sister herself when she was little) was printed on fabric (Jacquard Inkjetprinting cotton) and I added some seed stitches on the bacground, to make the face stand out more. The stitches look shiny like silk in this photo, but are made with DMC cotton floss. A thrifted tie and cushion provided fabric for the strips around the photo and the main body of the bag is made from charcoal linen.
The lining is a Lonni Rossi print and I added what is fast becoming my standard zippered pocket, as mentioned before.

Oh, and did I mention it? Sis loved her new bag :-D Her husband's only comment was: "Now see, that's how long I want your hair to be". Duh.

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