Friday, June 23, 2006

WIP coming together

I have added another photo to the WIP pool. I have been busy this week - I only have the top and bottom border to add and the top is finished! However, my back didn't agree with me about spending more time at the sewing machine, so the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. I had made very little progress on the quilt until last Friday, but joining the WIP group really spurred me on to do something about this project, so thank you Fiona at hop skip jump for creating the group :-) Now, if only I could find out how to make my photos visible for everybody - it seems you have to be logged on and a member of the group to be allowed to view my photos in the group pool, even though I've marked them as public. I must go and explore Flickr some more, I think... Here's a close-up of the floral fabric. As I was photographing it, it occured to me that although in my mind this has been my "Café de Paris-fabric" ever since I bought it, those words are nowhere to be found on the fabric. There are several French-sounding café-names, though, but my mind seems to have played a trick on me - oh well, I could just call it my café-quilt, I suppose...

The blue fabric I have used as a background for the hearts looks very bright in this picture. It is actually more like faded denim and goes well together with the soft florals, I think. I will add the final borders tomorrow and then it's time to get my backing fabrick out of hiding. I only hope it works as well with the rest of the fabrics as I think it will. Or maybe my mind has played another trick on me... ;-)

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