Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Home for the duration

I never seem to learn: when those lovely sunny spring days arrive, it's off with the coat and into the sun. The wind has quite a sting to it though, and I invariably end up with a cold. So I've spent the last few days in bed or on the sofa, completely wiped out. Still, that's not always a bad thing - I've caught up with all the daytime soaps, I know all the advertising jingles by heart I've slept a lot and I've finished the latest Marian Keyes. I haven't had the energy to add a single stitch to anything - you know things are really bad when that happens! Things are looking up now though, I've made it to the computer, and I have located my cross-stitch sampler with the view to doing some work on it, so I must be getting better. If I don't stay up all night coughing, I might even be able to go to work in the morning...

Thanks for the lovely comments and mails about my Amy quilt! I finished it just in time to have something to snuggle up under when I got ill. Oh, and I finished my miniature house quilt the other day. This was a UFO for years, because I had intended it to be a housewarming present for a couple who ended up splitting up instead of buying the house of their dreams. That was so sad that I completely lost my motivation for finishing the quilt. They are both happy in their separate lives now, so maybe the split-up wasn't such a bad thing after all. I have decided to keep the quilt for myself, though.

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