Monday, January 03, 2011

Figgy logs

I fully intended to make a new Christmas quilt for myself this season, but once I decided to make some presents, that plan went out the window.
I managed to snag a couple of Honey Buns of Figgy Pudding just as they seemed to be vanishing from the face of the earth, and they have been sitting prettily on a shelf being admired for quite some time. I have been reluctant to untie those bows, because they were so pretty, but on boxing day I just couldn't help myself. The 1 1/2" strips in those Honey Buns are perfect for log cabin, aren't they? I started on one "bun" and I got 20 finished blocks and 8 half finished ones out of it. The light/dark contrast isn't all that strong on all of them, but I think it will work out all right in the end. I love the fabric and if I finish the quilt now, put it in the top cupboard and forget about it, come next Christmas I 'll have the lovely surprise of finding a new quilt among my Christmas linen. Good idea, no? :-D


Tine said...

It looks lovely Mathea!
And yes, that will be a lovely surprise next Christmas ;)

Joyce said...

Love that fabric! It will make for a very Merry Christmas next year.