Thursday, February 10, 2011

Figgy Pudding log cabin

Finished! I spent most of my weekend quilting this baby, and miles of binding later, it's finally finished. Well, miles is probably an exaggeration, but sometimes it just feels that way - I haven't been in a hand stitching mood lately, but a little bit every day goes a long way.
To emphasize the difference between the light and dark areas, I used white thread in the light areas and a dark red in the dark areas, and I tried out several different quilting patterns radiating out from the off-centre dark diamond shape. The fabrics are so busy, that this was a nice practise quilt.
Not all the quilting was sucsessful from a perfectionist's point of view, but it was a good learning excercise anyway, and at a distance it all looks rather good, if I may say so myself ;-)

I've come to enjoy making pieced backings lately - this is a great way of making inroads in my ever growing stash instead of buying yards and yards of designated backing fabric. Two leftover blocks also found their way into this one. So there you go. One finished Christmas quilt to be tucked in among the Christmas linen, making a nice surprise for myself when I pull it all out again in December :-D

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Anonymous said...

I'm just getting started on my own Figgy Pudding quilt -- did a search of the fabric and found your quilt on Flickr. It's gorgeous!