Sunday, September 04, 2011

Carrying on

 Remember that wooden basket from the previous post? Well, it's been completely transformed, and here it is. I used an old school atlas I rescued from the bin at work, and tore out strips and attached them with gel medium, also adding it on top as a protective coating. I have used decoupage glue for this sort of thing earlier. I didn't have any left, but the gel medium worked just as well - use what you've got, I say!
I have been looking for some kind of caddy to carry supplies for tea and coffee from kitchen to living room, and this works perfectly. There's just enough room for my milk and sugar set, some teabags, sweet-and-low and a bunch of paper napkins - saves me a lot of extra trips to the kitchen because I've forgotten something, and it looks nice too.

There's precious little sewing going on here lately, because of other comittments that need sorting out. All I manage to do is a little bit of embroidery during those evenings when I don't fall straight into bed, but I'll be back to normal in a few weeks, I'm sure!

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