Sunday, May 06, 2012

Vitamin C for vitamin Q

 I seem to spend an awful lot of time over at Pinterest these days. There's so much inspiration there, but most of the time I just look and pin. This time, however, I just had to act right away. There was something about this fruity little thing that got to me right away, and before I knew it I had ordered a pattern.
 Usually new patterns will have to wait in line quite a while, but I started working on this one right away, appliqueing orange segments and stitching wedges together for a sweet sewing kit. One half is a pincushion and the other half has room for needle and thread and whatever you need in a small sewing kit. The pattern also has an apple version, and it had an extra pad for sewing needles. I saw no reason not to include that in the orange, though. OK, it did mean another round of applique, but it also meant that I got to use a bit of that lovely orange Henna Garden fabric.
 The pattern called for an orange zipper, but I had a white one on hand, so that would have to do. I also added a piece of tape measure ribbon - it might come in handy when sewing.
Some more Henna Garden for the lining and a green vintage button for holding the two halves together, and there you are - a new sewing kit. Sweet, isn't it? A bit of vitamin C for when I'm getting some vitamin Q - or quilting, if you prefer...

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Leanne said...

This is adorable! I am going to take a look at the pattern too.