Monday, November 19, 2012

Witchy bookmark

In case you wondered what was peeping out from my journal in the  previous post, let me show you the bookmark I made for a friend. She loves everything to do with witches, and inspired by this bookmark, I made my own version to go with a book I gave her (Rivers of London - great fun!). I stitched some stripy fabric around some slivers of batting for the legs and added felt beads stitched into shape for shoes. OK, they look more like Minnie Mouse shoes than the pretty high heeled ones from the original, but use what you have, and all that - right?
The legs were stitched on to a piece of felt where I embroidered the words "A frightfully good book". While I was working on that, I came up with the idea of trimming the top end into a point to give the idea of a witches' hat peeping out from the book. Some staring green eyes in the darkness and uneven orange flame-stitches along the edges complete the spooky theme. A fitting companion for a book filled with witches, wizards and ghosts, don't you think?


giddy99 said...

HA HA HA!! That's brilliant!

Lily Boot said...

too funny!