Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - summing up - UFOs

As I mentioned in the previous post I have quite a few UFOs. There are 13 projects that are in some kind of unfinished or just started state. One of them is for a competition and will not be mentioned again until after the fact, but here are the remaining twelve.
The first four were on my UFO-list last year as well, although numbers 1 and 4 have been worked at consistently during the year. In fact, number 4 is now a quilt top waiting to be layered and quilted. Number 5 is going to be a big quilt, I have cut all the pieces which are from a stack of precuts from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain. I need to get my design wall back up and start playing with them.
Number 6 is also layered for quilting. It is in fact just a piece from an IKEA duvet cover which I intended to use as a practise piece for my machine quilting, inspired by Malka Dubrawsky's quilts from the same fabric. Copying is the best kind of flattery, is it not? 7 and 8 are both plans for bags. Number 7 is a Melly&Me pattern called Raspberry Ripple which I'm going to make with fabric from the Hometown line from Sweetwater. The leather handles and red zipper I wanted to use arrived just before Christmas, so I can get to work on this one right away. The next one will be a shopping bag full of memories as it will be decorated with various characters from TVshows from my childhood.
Then we get to the last row. Number 9 is my Lotta quilt, whic is layered and ready for quilting. Next is the Tuscany quilt. The picture is just a screen capture from EQ reminding myself of the pattern, but the placement of the fabric will be more random. I have a pile of fabric ready in patterns and colours that remind me of Italy that will be used for this.
Then there is the Bella Quilt. I bought just a few of the fabrics from Lotta Jansdotter's Bella line, and have picked out several fabrics from my stash to go with these. The pattern is chosen and everything is lying in wait on my cutting table. That is as good as started, is it not?
The last one is a table runner from the Danish company Quilt My Design, which I started in the beginning of December, intending to finish it for Christmas, but that didn't happen. It isn't all that christmassy, though - more of a winter theme with trees, snowmen and a cabin, so I'm working steadily along hoping to finish it before spring. It is worked in needleturn applique and is quite a relaxing task for quiet winter evenings.

So there you have it, my list of confessions... Not hat I feel bad about it or anything, it is more of a reminder to myself of what I have on the go, so I don't forget. Because there are just so many other tempting projects out there, that things I'm working on might be forgotten for a while, but as I am my own task master, there is no rush. Things will be finished eventually, but I'm going to have fun working on them, otherwise, what is the point?

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