Saturday, June 08, 2013


Looking back I seem to keep claiming that I'm no knitter, yet I have knitted various scarves, shawls, socks and hats these last few years. The truth is that I do knit, but not very fast. My shoulders complain if I knit for too long and my mind complains if I there is little variation in whatever I'm knitting. So I always have several projects going at the same time, so I can switch between them when I get bored. After I discovered Ravelry and the world of beautiful yarn that is out there, I have been tempted to start several projects. The KnitCompanion app has made it possible for me to carry the patterns around with me, making it a lot easier to grab a piece of knitting when I go somewhere and just pick up where I left off. And so I have actually finished something! Meet Cladonia.

I have seen several versions of this on Ravelry, and fell really in love with it when I saw this version (and I totally agree with Rita about the yarn!). Blues and greens are my go to colours, so that combination really caught my attention. I tried to find the same colours of Madelinetosh Merino Light yarn online, but no luck, so I chose Betty Draper's Blues and Olivia instead. I wasn't too happy about Olivia when the yarn arrived, as it seemed too dark. But it has grown on me, and now I really like the combination. But I am tempted to make a lighter version as well.
It knitted up quite fast once I really got started, and the stripes helped both in counting the rows between increases and to keep my interest because you could really see it growing. And I love that lace border with knitted picot edging. It looks very complicated, but was quite easy, really. Can you tell that I'm thrilled with this? At the moment it is draped over the back of my sofa and I just can't stop gazing at it. Typically it was finished in time for summer, but the way things are going here weatherwise it seems it might get lots of wear.

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Lily Boot said...

it's beautiful Mathea! I love shawls - especially stripey ones. And the lace is gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how we follow these strange patterns, twisting yarn this way and that, and out pop these beautiful patterns. It will always delight me.