Saturday, October 05, 2013

Stitching along...

These last weeks seem to have been flying along - is the world spinning faster, or is it just me? I have been working on several different projects and started a few more.

With new fabric and inspirational books arriving I feel the ideas are popping up constantly, so I should probably write them all down before I forget.
My mum's birthday was a fortnight ago and I got her a new digital radio, which she was very pleased about, but of course I had to add something hand made at the last minute. So I made her a shopping bag from some retro looking fabric I had intended for her and which has been lying in wait for a couple of years... ahem.

I snapped a few photos just before I left for the party and realized just now that they aren't all that great, but they will have to do. I had been considering using the fabric for an apron, and kind of regret that I didn't, because that's what she thought it was at first, and she seemed to be happy with that. But, never mind, she liked it as a bag, and it brought back memories of her childhood visiting her grandma in the country, as I had thought it would, so it wasn't that bad.

Talking of bags, I have been thinking of making Noodlehead's 241 tote for myself for ever, and recent sightings have put that idea at the front of my mind again - I think I know which fabric to use finally, and that means that half the job is done already! Picking fabric for those sorts of things is a main reason for procrastinating for me it seems.

With new fabric coming in, I decided it was about time I sorted out some new projects and set down to make myself some new quilt kits to have at the ready for when the stitching itch hits. I got the first one cut and decided to stitch just one block to see what it would look like, and before I knew it I had chain pieced all my pieces together - so much for kits for later! The seams are pressed and I'm ready to piece them into blocks, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm still working on the hand stitching on my garden quilt and that's where I'm concentrating the effort this evening. If I finish, I have a witch to stitch for a new pillow - it never stops, does it? :-D

The next kit is also lying in wait - the fabrics are all picked out and the pattern sketched for a purple and turquoise quilt - a yummy bunch of fabrics that will be so great together with some yellow, grey and text fabric, I believe... Yes, I'll be happily stitching all through October, it seems...

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