Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little Daisy

I have been on a mission to finish some of my UFOs lately - there were far to many of them, although now I'm down to five! This quilt started with some 10" squares of Amy Butler's collection Daisy Chain I bought at the Festival of Quilts a few years back. I blogged about the finished top a year ago, and it has been lying around ever since (how do these things happen?) Well it's all quilted and bound now, and it's not too shabby, I think! :-)
I quilted straightish lines in the white vertical stripes, carrying them all the way to the edge. The narrow areas between got leafy borders while the wider areas, with the squares were quilted in floral chains (not quite Daisy Chains, but close enough).
The binding is a lovely bee fabric - I think the collection was called Flora and Fauna(?) - with so many flowers it's only natural that bees would be drawn to it, isn't it?
The backing is another Amy Butler design. From the Gypsy Caravan collection, I believe. So there you go: another UFO bites the dust, and I have a fresh new quilt to add to my collection. What could be better? I might deserve to start a new quilt now, I think...

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