Sunday, August 03, 2014


This summer has been incredibly hot so far. Being at work all day when everybody else seemed to be away on holiday drained me of energy and there was no way I was going into that hot sewing room once I got home. Trying to enjoy the heat and relearning how to relax has been an experience in itself, and I'm telling myself that I really needed this after the busy months I've had (yada, yada, moving, unpacking and all that... I won't go on about it). Once I started my holiday (and the rain set in...)  I was ready to *do* something. I looked around my sewing room and my gaze fell upon this roll of Bali Pops (pre-cuts, like Jelly Rolls) and I started sewing the strips together in threes and cut triangles to form blocks. Picture later, because I got distracted...
I couldn't wait to make a postcard quilt, and finished this top today. One block mysteriously disappeared along the way and will no doubt reappear when I'm busy choosing fabric for something else, distracting me yet again. Well, I wanted to finish the top, so I made another block,and here it is at a distance. There will be better pictures once I get around to it, but the clouds hung low and I got distracted once again, this time by a picture in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. Some great house blocks, and what could be better for house blocks than my stack of Road 15  by Sweetwater?
So, I have my work set up for when I get around to sewing again, but now it's really Holiday Time - little time for computers and sewing machines, time to get out and about. More sewing and better pictures once I'm done.

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