Wednesday, July 06, 2016


My sister had used the purse I made her a few years back so much that it was tattered and torn, so she requested a new one, using the same frame. And of course I obliged. I actually love it when people wear out the things I make - it shows that they are appreciated, doesn't it?
I used I nice floral (Pam Kitty Morning) combined with green this time.
Lined with a matching pink, it was a good choice for a keen gardener, I believe. Little did she know that I had already made her a new purse (I had noticed the state of the old one!) using an orange jelly clip frame from Lecien and a contrasting blue fabric - the colours of her favourite football team.
The pattern came with the frame, and this one was very easy to sew and glue in place. A few darts in the bottom gave it a fuller shape.
A Lecien fabric for the lining gives it a bit more interest - something to look at when all the money is gone ;-)
So with one finished purse and a request for another, what was I to do? Give her both, of course. Why not spoil her a little?
While I was in sewing mode I also made these fabric buckets for a friend's new bathroom. No pattern, I just winged it, drew a circle round an embroidery frame, calculated the width needed for the sidepiece (the diameter multiplied by 3,14 (pi)) and the height was decided by trial and error. I added some small snap-on curtain rings on opposite sides for hanging and as a decorative element. Yes, I'm quite pleased with these. The fabric is designed by Martha Negley from the Kaffe Fassett collective, I believe.

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