Sunday, July 02, 2017

Stars and satellites

I have had this bunch of fat quarters lying around for a while and decided it was time to use them all in a quilt. The line had a lot of prints on white, making for a pleasantly patterned background. I decided on a block with a small star nestled into a bigger star and stitched the star points randomly. I guess some of them are a lot smaller than I'd imagined, and you have to use a bit of imagination to see them all as stars. The fabric line is "Comma" from Zen chic and there are some quite large patterns in some of the background fabrics, which blend the stars into the background a bit as well.
For the background I used large pieces of some of the fabrics I used for the star points, allowing them to shine a bit more on their own. Increasingly I find that if I'm making a quilt using an entire fabric line, it's nice to use that fabric on the back as well, using up more of the fabric and giving it all a sense of coherency.
I did a light swirly quilting in orange rayon on the background fabrics, letting the star points stand out a bit more, and finished it all off with some black and white binding. The large molecular shapes in one of the prints reminds me of space stations or satellites - not that I know a lot about space tech... but I ended up calling it Stars and Satellites.

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