Sunday, July 08, 2018

Not in hibernation

From my last post, you might think I'm still in hibernation. Unless you follow me on Instagram, that is. There has been a bit more action there, although not that much. This spring has been a very busy one for me: my mother had to go into a nursing home just before Christmas, and it was soon clear that she couldn't go back to her flat as it was too small and crowded for her to move about in. She is confined to a wheel chair and needed more open space. That meant moving her to a new flat and getting rid of a lifetime of acquired belongings, and it was down to me to arrange for all this to happen. So I have had my hands full. She is happily installed in her new home now and well on the way to getting out of that wheel chair, so all's well on that front. But there has been very little sewing.

I did manage to finish this quilt, though.It's inspired by one in Jane Brocket's wonderful quilt book, but I had to adjust the borders to get the most use of the fabric I had to hand. Some of the fabric I had wanted to use, didn't work because I had to little of it, but I put it to good use on the back.
I'm quite happy with that, as I ended up with very few scraps, putting all the fabric I had set aside to good use.

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