Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday at last!

I thought the weekend would never arrive! Getting back to normal routines after the summer hols has proved more difficult than ever. I think I'm suffering from an overload of inspiration after Birmingham - lots of new ideas, books, magazines, fabric and thread that I could do something about, but somehow I can't get started.

Like so many other bloggers at the moment I have been clearing out cupboards and getting rid of stuff - it's the new ting, apparently ;-) I haven't started on my fabric stash yet, but I'm getting closer... Something has to be done I suppose, as I keep adding new fabric, and I'm sure there is a lot there that I'll never use. Not to mention all those magazines piling up - I really ought to sort through them and see if I'm able to say goodbye. It's just that I'm convinced that once I throw one away I'll get a desperate urge to look at a pattern or technique described in that particular issue next week... Meanwhile boring books, summer clothes I haven't worn this year, oldish foodstuffs, spice and such are on their way out as I'm working my way around the flat with less clutter as my ultimate goal.

To kick-start my quilting urge again I have signed up for a workshop tomorrow. Being with other quilters, discussing ideas and fabric and actually making something (although it's not quite my sort of thing...) tends to put me back in quilting mode after a slump, so I am counting on this as a prelude to a quilty weekend :-)
We are making folded fabric flowers in silk and using them in nine-patch blocks. The shop samples are a cushion and a cot quilt, very pretty, tone-on-tone, but as usual I'm doing my own thing. I've decided on a tote bag for my mother, and I have chosen some green silk and a cotton fabric with autumn leaves, combined with black. That way I'll get a finished poduct that's actually going to get used. A cushion with silk flowers is not quite my kind of thing, so that would just mean adding another UFO to my collection. Here's what I'll be working with, and that's also this Friday's WIP.

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