Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just one more

-and then I'll stop going on about Birmingham for now ;-) I just wanted to share this piece by Majyk Scraps Textile Group which I found very fascinating. Like a child I kept going past and watching how the image changed, then back again quickly - two different pictures just after one another, then again s l o w l y and stopping at the point where I could see both at the same time and then gradually see a new picture emerge.

The casual observer must have thought I was totally deranged! But I had fun, so who cares. Ideas of doing something similair have been brewing, but I'll probably never do anything about it. It has been done, and not by me, and that's OK. Come to think of it, the idea is not very different from those advertising boards one used to see with lots of square or triangular tubes that slowly turn around to form new pictures. I find the mechanism of the things totally fascinating, but once I have studied the construction and decided how I would have done it, I'm satisfied. I don't have to go there. I think...
The piece is called "Sunset at Saint Valery Sur Somme", original photo and design by Sue Readhead. Various techniques were used, including felting, layering, cantha, machine embroidery, cable stitch and beading. The triangular tubes were machine fagotted together and mounted on a wooden frame.

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