Monday, August 28, 2006

More from Birmingham

I promised more pictures from The Quilt Festival. The first post consisted of random pictures. Here are some that I kept returning to.

I loved these skinny houses by Janine Jones. The title is "Memories..." In her description in the catalogue it says: "I was fascinated with the simple geometric shapes of the windows, doorways and stonework of Gwydir Castle, Llanrwst. Shapes which became simplified during the design process. Colour was very important. After examining the colours of the Welsh Stone I concentrated on the more vibrant colours I could find and like."

These strips are "Cauldron" by a group who call themselves Cortex Fabricata. They have used dyeing, linoprinting, rubbings, painting, hand and machine applique, quilting, couching and beading to create texture like bark on trees. My photos don't show the details very well, but there were so many interesting things going on on the surface of this piece that it had me itching to go home to play with my craft stuff, and that's what a good show should do, isn't it?

And here is "Allium" by Frances Caple. The blocks are inkjet prints of a colour manipulated image. I liked the repetitiveness (is that really a word...?) with the single reversed block to jar the symmetry a bit.
I was going to add some more, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Blogger is not cooperating and I don't feel like trying again for the umpteenth time...

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