Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another bag?

Yesterday was my older sister's birthday. I'm sure it came as no surprise to her that she would get some kind of bag, as the two others both got Madison bags for their birthdays. I decided early on that the Madison was not her kind of thing - too girly-girly and not very practical. She has been admiring my Chelsea Tote ever since I made it, so I decided to make one for her. She also loves my leafy green quilt, so I decided to use a lot of greens, florals and fruits, and she was really happy with it. The great thing about this type of bag is that it has a strap with a zipper in it, so you can choose to wear it as a shoulder bag or as a backpack. Lots of pockets inside makes it a very practical bag.

I took the pictures with my black sofa as a background, as I so often do, because I think that makes the object stand out more, but I've come to realize that this may make the pictures in my blog a bit boring - no glimpses of my home, like you find in other blogs, and we do enjoy that sort of thing, don't we? I know I do, so I've decided to start taking pictures in different settings to make it more interesting. I will have more time to do that now as well, as I'm about to start my holidays this weekend. I'm counting days and hours now, I can tell you! I'm sooo fed up with holding the fort at work while everybody else is away, but now it's my turn! Mind you, I'm not complaining, as I have chosen this myself! I have planned my holidays around the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Five days there, a week visiting family and friends plus some precious days at home quilting and painting (cupboards, not pictures!) I can't wait! The best part right now seems to be not having to get up early in the morning. One should think that sort of thing got easier in summer, but not for this girl - I can hardly lift my head from the pillow when the alarm goes off. It might have something to do with not going to bed at a reasonable hour, I suppose - but who wants to go to bed when the evenings are warm and sitting on the balcony with my sewing is so pleasant, not me for sure!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your recent projects! I had trouble getting back to you about the book title for the Frost Fire and Leaves Shawl. It's "A Gathering of Lace."