Friday, July 28, 2006

Emily Dickinson sampler

Emily Dickinson sampler
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It's Friday again, and I have not posted anything at all since last Friday. To busy stitching I suppose... Well, actually I think it's the heat getting to me - I haven't been up to doing much of anything except stitching.
I thought I'd show another WIP this time - one of the cross-stitch projects I'm currently working on. This one is from Stitcher's World and features a lovely Emily Dickinson poem. I had finished the beehive and the vases of flowers some time ago and then put it away for a while, as I couldn't quite face stitching all the letters. When I finally got around to it, it only took a few days. Typical! What was I waiting for?
I'm sorry the picture is a little blurry. That comes mainly from having a cheap ancient digital camera, and partly from the skill of the photographer... It does not have a zoom feature and doesn't take good close-ups. This is particularly obvious when I try to photograph cross-stitch - something about those little pixel-like stitches being converted to digital pixels seems to make the pictures extra blurry. Well, at least I know what to wish for for my birthday. Any suggestions about what type of camera to get? About the sampler: a floral border outside the one I've started and then some bees here and there, and it's done. It shouldn't take too long, if I don't put it away again, that is! At least now I have blogged about it, and that should keep me motivated to finish it. Feel free to ask about my progress ;-) !
As for the other WIP, my kite quilt, I have actually finished the top! I found a great Jan Mullen fabric for the backing and I'll just give it a quick wash and then I'm ready to layer and quilt. All the kites will get tails, but I haven't quite decided whether I'll just use a contrasting rayon thread and ordinary stitches, the triple stitch on my sewing machine or some cording to make the tails stand out more. I think the latter option would look great, but that might prove too much of a temptation for inquisitive little fingers - I'm not too sure ... ??

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