Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A nine-patch of plans

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I tend to have several projects going at once, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to stay motivated, and remember what I intend to make before the deadline is there. There is also the risk of getting sidetracked and forget about current projects because something new and exciting pops up in my mind. That's the stuff UFOs are made of...

I won't even go there, just yet - I have several UFOs as well, but these are the projects I intend to put in some work on in the near future.

I have blogged about my bright pennant quilt, the Café de Paris quilt and the Home Sweet Home quilt recently, so I won't bore you with details yet again.

Then there is a new quilt about to get started: My youngest nephew is the only member of the family who hasn't got his own bedquilt yet, and his birthday is in August, so it is time to get started. The EQ sketch of kites in the top right corner is what I have in mind for him.

The Madison bag for my middle sister was a success, but there's no time to rest on my laurels. My older sister's birthday is coming up in less than a month, so there's another bag to make. She's not the very girly type, so the Madison bag will not do, but I caught her studying my turquoise Chelsea tote with great interest and I know she loves my green Kaffe Fasset quilt, so she'll get a green tote with foliage, fruit and flowers.

My Amy Butler quilt is still waiting for it's borders, but the good news is that the fabric has arrived, so that project is one step closer to fruition.

I have some quilted postcards lying around, some of which are half finished. They were made for a class and I had left them in different stages to show the whole process. There's really no excuse not to finish them...

A friend showed me a travel document folder she had bought and which I thought was a very good idea to bring along on one's travels - enough room too hold passport, tickets etc. As a "serious" quilter I wouldn't even dream of going out and buying one, though ;-) - I'm going to construct my own quilted version complete with zipper and all. I'd better finish that before my holidays in August.

Just to fill in the whole nine-patch of projects, I'm showing a glimpse of my stitchery quilt. I'm working on a series of garden themed embroideries that will be set with floral fabrics to make a garden quilt sometime in the distant future. For now it is just a nice set of little sewing projects that are quite handy to put in one's purse and do a bit of stitching on when I'm out and about - in waiting rooms, visiting with friends and so on.

Looking at all this I see that I have plenty to keep me occupied in the coming weeks - I'd better get started!

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