Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And then there was nothing...

It was veeeery quiet for a loooong time...

I'm still here, though, but have not been in a blogging mood lately. Too much to do at work and little crafting going on makes it hard to think about a topic for a blog. But I have been doing some research, visited all my favourite blogs and tried to analyze why I like them so much. So far I have been very coy about myself and my surroundings, but I have realized that the blogs I like the most are interesting because the writers share glimpses of their lives with us, and maybe it's about time I start sharing as well.

If I have anything interesting to write about, that is... I'm still doing a bit of research into digital cameras (being a Scorpio I always do lots of research... - when I don't just throw myself recklessly into something, that is - I'm such a complex person... :-P ) , I would love to take better pictures - the on e I have now doesn't cope well with close-ups.

I have done a little crafting though - just finished a small quilt for my bedroom wall. I'll take a picture when I have got it up there and the light is better Right now my sewing area needs a bit of organizing (understatement of the year...) so I can find my sewing machine and get back to crafting again. So I'm off - see you later!

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