Monday, November 20, 2006

Bowls, boxes and more

I mentioned a while ago that I was to hold a class in making fabric bowls. The class went well, and in addition to the finished bowls I brought along I made some half finished samples to show each step of the progress. I put these away when I got home and forgot all about them, as one does... Recently they were "rediscovered" during the excavation of my sewing area and I decided to finish them. I even remembered to take a few pictures before I gave them to my friends at the quilt shop - they might bring in some more business that way - people see them at the shop and want to take a class... Crafty huh? ;-)
They are quite easy to make once you get the hang of it. I have used Fast2Fuse interfacing to make them sturdy and they are totally reversible.

We got enough time to make fabric boxes as well, and here's the one I made. Everything is from the books "Fast Fun and Easy Fabric boxes" and "Fast Fun and Easy Fabric bowls" by Linda Johansen (all my "students" have to buy their own copies of course!) I made several of these boxes last year as Christmas presents, so this year I'll have to think of something else - I have some ideas, the question is: do I have enough time? ...

I have promised myself to take things easy this year, no last minute sewing. I'm trying not to "overwhelm" my family and friends with quilted gifts, but luckily some of them really appreciate the stuff I make and to me that means they deserve it as well. I visited a friend of mine recently and found that the placemats I gave her some Christmases ago were torn to shreds - well, not literally, but they were showing a lot of wear and tear - proof that she has really used them and that they have seen a lot of spin cycles. She says she loves them, and the fact that I have spent a lot of time making them just for her. She is definitely going to get a new set this year. Wheras my mother's friend who got a tablecloth ten years ago and has never once used it because "it's too nice to be used" will not be getting another quilted gift from me! Most of the things I make are not art, they are made to be used and loved, and I'm not wasting precious quilting time on gifts for those who don't realize the time and effort that goes into these things.

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