Saturday, April 28, 2007

Decisions, decisions...

I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of redecorating my livingroom. I found just the right colour on the walls of a local gallery (the exhibition was great too...) and have decided to start soon. I'm having guests next weekend, so I'll wait until they've left - the chaos and upheaval of a big decorating project is not the best welcome one could get now, is it? Finding the right colur was great - I only hope it is the actual colour I had in mind when I get it on the walls too - we'll just have to wait and see now, won't we?
Thinking about redecorating means all sorts of decisions though, and lately I have been considering curtain fabric. The curtains I have now are very bright - blue, yellow, green and turquoise stripes, and will have to go. I'm thinking I'll get something softer, but the shops seem to be full of cream, beige and soft brown curtains these days, and that's way too soft for my liking.
I have long been a fan of Tricia Guild and find Designers Guild fabric to be very nice, but it is expensive, though. I have visited one of the two shops locally that carry their lines, but they had only the latest ones, none of the ones I wanted a closer look at (pictures 2-5). I'll have a look at the other one on Monday.
I was thinking green to begin with, but I think that would bring out too much of the green in the wall colour, so maybe not too good an idea. Otherwise the green Amy Butler fabric (picture 8) could work. It would suit my new Amy Butler quilt as well (picture 1, more about that tomorrow). Instead I'm thinking I should go for something floral, with some peach or pink in it, perhaps, so the blue-green of the walls don't look too cold.
I have also been thinking about something in cream and black (I have a black sofa), like the black tulips in picture 4 or the one just below it, found at eQuilter, here. These are all drapery weight fabrics, but in my search online I have also been considering quilting cottons. I might make it work if I make lined curtains - maybe floral fabric on one side and a crisp stripe on the other, like the turquoise Girlfriends stripe from Free Spirit in picture 12. Kaffe Fasset's Lotus Leaf is one of the candidates, but those big leaves all over might just be too much of a good thing.
Heather Bailey's great floral from the Freshcut line (picture 2, last row) has just the kind of colours I had in mind, and combined with her lovely stripe in picture 1, last row, might be just the thing.
I had a brief search for art noveau fabric as well, since my colour choice was inspired by an art noveau exhibition, and came across the tulips in the last picture at Sherwood Fabrics, and although I like it as an example of art noveau design, I have decided that we are not to be...
The search continues and any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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