Monday, April 02, 2007

Love is all around

A new colour scheme for Project Spectrum this month: green, yellow and pink. How appropriate that I have just finished this baby quilt! I did one in blue and green earlier that worked out very well, I think. When I needed one for a baby girl I decided to use the same pattern, but I'm not quite sure about this one. I love the combination of pink and yellow, but the colours are probably too similair in value for it to work as well as the previous one did. Or maybe the pink fabric is too busy. With the blue one you really get a 3D-feeling with those squares and frames popping out, but not as much in this one, though. I still like it - nice colours and as you can see from the close-up, it's full of love ;-) and that's what a baby girl needs, right! The colour goes well with her name as well - Ruby. No jokes about "Ruby don't take your Love to town" please, though that song has been spinning around in my head while I've been quilting. Let's stick with "Love is all around"!
There's more pink in store for this month as well, as I'm happily quilting my Amy Butler quilt - yes, finally! It's been waiting in the wings for far too long, but I'm getting there now. It's a reversible quilt - both sides are pieced, so it was a nightmare to line up straight on my own. When shall I learn to ask for help? I spent Saturday at the quilt shop (where thay have large tables in the back room) helping a friend to layer and baste her bed sized quilt, and it was such a breeze, there being two of us for the job. Remind me that I ask for help on my next quilt!
I've been doing a lot of small projects lately, and that's not really "me" so it's about time that I get back on track - lots of lovely fabric waiting for the projects I have planned for them, and my sewing room is organized enough to have space to work, but not so much that it kills the creativity. I'm hoping to get a head start this Easter with a few days off from work. Just one more day at the office and my sewing machine and I are off on our next jaunt!


Joyce said...

It's a perfect quilt for a Ruby! I really like the 3D effect of the pattern.

Diana said...

I love those colors, Mathea. This looks just right for a baby girl.