Saturday, July 28, 2007

Late WIP

I was just about to post my Friday WIP yesterday when a terrific thunderstorm started, and thought it best to switch off my computer. It was fascinating to watch how quickly the weather changed - one minute it was bright and sunny, then I noticed that the wind was picking up and my clothes drying rack outside was about to fall over. I rescued it just in time, caught a glimpse of the most beautiful rainbow before I went inside. A few seconds later the rain was pouring down from a black sky and then the first zig zag of lighting pierced the clouds. Thats when I switched the computer off. The thunder was deafening, and Nature threw on quite a display!
It is easy to understand how ancient cultures have thought up stories about angry gods with hammers and swords clashing across the sky at times like these. I'm torn between watching the sky in fascination and following a primitive urge to cower under something hoping for the best until it passes. I did some of the first, but ended up doing the latter, under a cosy quilt with a good book after a while - maintaning interest for well over an hour isn't easy for someone with my attention span!
My attention span, or lack of, also explains why I alwas have several projects going at any given moment and end up with lots of finishes at once. My WIP above is my stack'n'wack kaleidoscope - it just needs a border and some light quilting, and my summery tablecloth is done. I'm almost done with my Mumbo Gumbo as well, and having lots of fun with my Grandmother's Garden Quilt - more about that later..

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