Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well I did, didn't I?

You didn't think I could go to the quilt shop and just buy what I had planned on buying now, did you? I got some batting for the tablecloth. That yellow striped fabric was the kind of yellow that goes with anything - a nice stash addition. I saw a New York Beauty quilt somewhere recently that had used that green fabric in the quarter circle in the corner pieces of the blocks to great effect, and since I have a NYB on my to do list, I decided that I needed this.

And then there was a very sweet fabric with little sayings. Great for labels and postcards. I found it virtually impossible to get a close up, so no picture, but the one that won me over is a broom with the caption: "Housework when done correctly can kill you" - my kind of motto! I also found some nice mother-of-pearl buttons for a couple of jackets I'm going to sew - found some great knitted fabric the other day. And, believe it or not: I got some yarn! I'm not that much of a knitter these days, but I have been stash building for a while now, and have knitted some scarfs and this little hat, among other things, so maybe it's time to start something bigger. The Frost Flower Leaves shawl is what I have in mind. Am I crazy? Maybe so, but I have decided to enjoy the fact :-D

And the backing fabric that was the reason for the shopping spree? Didn't get any! I decided I had just the thing at home, a nice floral which will do nicely...

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