Wednesday, August 15, 2007

B is for Bath

I thought I might use this meme as an opportunity to show some of the stuff I've made before I started this Blog - my "Quilting History" so to speak. It is supposed to be all about Me anyway, isn't it, and quilting is an important part of my life!

This is a quilt I made some years back featuring my cousin's twin boys - sweet little things they were way back then - they are big tough guys now, starting school next week- enough to make this old "auntie" feel very old, I can tell you!

I had lots of fun with this little quilt. I started out with a photo of the boys in the tub but I wanted to do more with it than just creating a fabric frame and including it in a quiltblock or something, the way I've seen it done (and often with great success) by others. I converted the photo to a line-drawing and printed it on paper first. I extended some lines and drew an old-fashioned bath tub of sorts -a compact version I suppose you can say ;-) and then I added whatever I thought the bathroom should have - tongue-and-groove panelling, a picture on the wall, a puddle on the floor, towels, shower curtain etc. I used my drawing as a pattern for the pieces and appliqued them on to the muslin background, adding the photo transfer last. After layering with batting and backing I quilted the panelling and added details like the shower and taps with copper thread, the surface of the water with holographic thread and as a final touch two little ducky buttons.

I had originally thought I'd present the quilt to the boys' parents when I finished it, but I can't bear to part with it, so I have told them that they'll just have to come here whenever they want to see it. That's one way of keeping in touch with one's family, I suppose ;-)

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