Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A is for art supplies

OK - I decided to play this game too. Started by Bella Dia on August 1st, but I figure people haven't come so far that it is too late to join in.
I came across a photo of pencils in all sorts of colours in Flickr and felt a tingle right there and then - oh, I want some! Let's face it - art supplies: I can't resist them!
I buy all sorts of things to have "just in case" - I really neeeeded those Derwent colouring pencils some years back, and of course I needed all 72 colours at once... That I can't really draw very well is beside the point: having those pencils might just give me more reason to draw, and then I wil become better at it, right?
And that pretty paper? I might make some cards if I have them and that should save me some money in the long run... Yarn, embroidery floss, ribbons, paint - you name it - stocking up is so much fun I can't help it! And of course, fabric - that goes under the heading of art supplies too, doesn't it? And while you can mix paint to create the colours you need, that's not an option with fabric, so I really need some in each and every colour to have a complete palette to work from... That's my excuse anyway, and I have a stash to prove it!

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