Monday, March 10, 2008

Logs and fire

I have made some progress on my Project Spectrum quilt. This is all about fire, as the colours might indicate... The picture might look a tad more orange than the real thing, but you get the idea. I wanted to quilt flickering flames all over, but some days what you want and what you get are two different things, I suppose. My first attempt was a mess, so I spent the better part of Saturday unpicking stitches - grrrr! I had another go yesterday and it is better, but not as good as I wanted. There is not enough time for crafting these days and I need to get some practise to get back in the swing of things . It's a good thing I have next week off from work. It's funny really how cranky I get when there is no time for creating. It might even be a good thing for the people I work with that I take some days off to sew... Hopefully I'll go back less irritable and hot tempered. I'm making this sound far worse than it is, I guess - my crankiness is probably more noticeable to me than to my surroundings, but I really need a break!
Just to make sure that I have enough to do, I started a new project today. This one will be a log cabin for my cousin's eldest - a gift for her confirmation in April. I'm keeping it simple with big blocks in order to finish on time, but I think I'll have fun with this one, working with all the bright and happy colours I love. A lot of Jan Mullen, some Valorie Wells and other bright young things. And a bit of black to ground it a bit. Am I making sense? I think I am, to myself anyway...

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