Thursday, March 12, 2009

The best laid plans...

Anyone following this blog could have predicted it. Big words are followed by ... Nothing!
Here I was, confident that I would finish quilting my Sunflower quilt last weekend. I had the whole weekend to myself with no plans at all. Well, there was the fact that my sewing area was a bit messy, and I had just bought a couple of those handy storage boxes with snap on lids. Hm, maybe I should tidy up a little bit before I started sewing? Yes, let's!
I started digging out all the bags of scraps, batting, rulers, frames and what have you stored underneath (and somewhat in front of...) my cutting table. Things were sorted, a pile for recycling, a pile for the bin, some things for the basement and some to be found a new home somewhere in the room. I made great inroads in all the stuff, and although the table is looking like this at the moment, the floor is clear and I can actually stand upright right next to the table, which is a relief :-)

My scraps are sorted by colour in paper bags in one of the new containers, and my batting in another, so I have made great inroads in all the mess. But I haven't sewn a stitch all week. But I will get there, and I already feel that I can breathe more easily in the room because it seems so open and light compared to what it was like when I started. Had I been a better blogger, I would have remebered to take "before" pictures, but at least ou will get "after" pictures once I have finished - but don't hold your breath!
Oh, and it's not true that I haven't sewn a stitch, by the way! I have sewn many - a whole block by hand, actually! Remember the block-of-the-month thing at my guild? I decided to choose new fabrics to make it more interesting (and it turned out that this new round is for 7" blocks, and the old ones were 6", so I couldn't have used them together anyway!).

So here it is, my hand-sewn Card Trick block. It needs seeing to with a hot iron, but at least it is finished with time to spare before the next guild meeting.

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