Friday, May 21, 2010

On my wall

I haven't been doing much stitching lately, but when I have, here's a glimpse of what I have been working on.
On one of my visits with my sister and my nephew (aged 13 3/4) this winter I found him huddling under a much too small knitted blankie in the evening. I didn't comment, but realized that the quilt I made for him some years ago has become too childish for a young man - not very cool when friends come by, you know! This has been in the back of my mind for a while, and I decided to make him a quick utility blanket - a pieced top lined with fleece. I came across some orange fleece, and decided on a colour scheme of blue and orange - the colours of his favourite sports team. I started pulling blue fabric pieces from my stash and managed to assemble a sizeable stack from my ever growing stash of blues. Originally I had thought I'd make a top from 8 " squares, but I realized that there were too many skinny strips, jagged edges and akward shapes among the pieces I had assembled to do so. After mulling this over for a while I just started stitching the pieces I had together into larger pieces and then into strips of varying widths. I have made enough strips to cover the 60x80" piece of fleece now, and have started stitching them together.
I'm not entirely sure I like the effect yet, but we'll see what happens once I get them all together and can look at it from a distance. Maybe it will work?
At least it will keep a young man warm and cosy on chilly evenings, unless that too is uncool - you never know these days... ;-) 13 3/4 is a seriously challenging age!

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