Sunday, May 02, 2010

Do you EQ?

I have found the computer programme Electric Quilt a great help for designing quilts since I bought my EQ4 ten years ago. I've used it, and later versions to plan my quilts, decide on sizes of blocks and borders, colour choices and much more. And of course I design all sorts of fanciful quilts I know I'll never actually get round to make, but that's half the fun. Much better than any computer game, if you ask me!

Different stages of my kite quilt in EQ - see the final version here.
I'm working with EQ6 now, and wouldn't you know it - they are releasing a new version, EQ7, just to tempt me into another upgrade. My first thought was that I'm fine with what I have, but one look at all these new features, and I must admit I'm tempted...

Different versions of my X-block quilt in EQ - see the finished quilt here.

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