Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Pear

Originally uploaded by crafty mathea
It is Wednesday again, and time for playing with the Art Quilt Workbook. I'm taking my own sweet time here, doing just a little bit each week, because I'm working towards a deadline on another project. I've decided not to get all stressed out about this, though, but to take time to play and have fun. I have just been cutting and fusing today, no sewing at all, as my machine was giving me a lot of trouble yesterday. I think it needs a good cleaning and oiling session before I sew anything at all. I'll get to that later, but for now I have some hand stitching to get to. More from the Wednesday Workbook project here.


Lisa said...

definitely no point in rushing! enjoy the process!

Elin said...

Playing and having fun is the best way to learn.