Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hometown quilt top

Wonders never cease to happen - I have spent most of the day at the sewing machine! Apart from stitching umpteen little pieces together for a new quilt, I finally got round to joining the strips of my Hometown quilt with vertical sashing strips.You only get to see a portion of it here, draped over a chair - I need more space and light to take a proper picture. I had originally thought I might piece a backing of some of my precious Hometown yardage, but I just measured a length of IKEA door fabric I have on hand, and it's just big enough for the back, so I think the decision might be made.

Doors might be a fitting theme for a Hometown quilt, don't you think? I'm playing with the idea of quilting it from the back, following the lines of the doors, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll mull it over and get back to piecing the other quilt for now. More about that one next time.

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