Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy accident

I came across this redwork embroidery in my stash the other day. I stitched it years ago, can't really remember when, but I remember that my intention was to collect some red and white fabrics for a patchwork frame. No time like the present, so I pulled out the red and white fabrics I had so far. Not that many, and the whites were too bright and the general feeling: "OK, but a bit boring".
As I was pulling out fabrics from the red area of my stash, I happened to knock over a pile of fabric that needed to be put back in place, and a green polka dot fabric landed on my redwork. Wow!

A bit happy sorting through fabrics later, and all the red and white pieces were brushed away and I ended up with a solution which said "Yes!" rather than "OK". Now three borders are in place, and I have a new quilt ready for quilting. This combination excites me enough to make sure that I'll finish it this time around. Yes, I like it!

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