Sunday, March 25, 2012

Colour Inspiration

 On a visit to London a few years back I sat down on a bench in Covemt Garden to rest my weary feet, and this rather quirky colour combination grabbed my attention. Coal, purple, stone, teal... now this was not something I would have thought of combining in a quilt, but I was amazed by how well it worked, and luckily I thought to snap a photo right away. Of course there has been plenty of new inspiration coming my way since then, but when reading about The Blogger Bundle Mosaic over at I'm a Ginger Monkey this image came to mind. Thanks to the palette generator in Big Huge Labs I was able to translate the photo to a set of colours and used that to create my Covent Garden Mosaic of fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics :
I might need to add a few more fabrics to make this work in real life, but on the whole this could make a very pleasing starting point for a new quilt, I think.
The fabrics are: 1. Outfoxed Confetti in Purple, 2. Outfoxed Jewels in Purple, 3. Ruby Star Shining Retro Typewriters in Mustard, 4. Kona Cotton in Stone, 5. In The Kitchen Heath in Chartreuse, 6. Loulouthi Coreopsis in Icicle, 7. Hello Pilgrim Jewels in Turquoise, 8. Truck Stop Dot in Blue, 9. Kona Cotton in Pond, 10. Kona Cotton in Coal, 11. Walk in the Woods Simple Dots in Cloud, 12. Walk in the Woods Circle Stripes in Cloud.

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Celtic Thistle said...

Love your photo and your fabric choices! Would definitely make a great quilt.