Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Button girl

Ah, it's all done! After finding this redwork again and going off in an entirely different direction from what I had intended, things got together rather quickly. I machine quilted some lines around the frames and hand quilted lines in between. I also covered the background of the stitched picture with crooked little cross-stitches, as if they had been done by a little girl. It's amazing how difficult that was when you have been taught to make your stitches nice and even, but eventually I was quite happy with the result.
The binding seemed to take forever, though - there just wasn't enough time to sit down and get on with it, it seemed, but eventually I got there. I had no real plans for this one it would be nice in a little girl's room, I think, but there are no little girls in my life at the moment. However, my mum fell in love with it when I showed her a picture on my phone, so it might just go to live at her place...

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