Friday, April 27, 2012

WIP Friday

These last couple of days have seen me running straight to the sewing machine when I come home from work. I have had an idea I wanted to try out, and the only way I could get the precision I wanted was to go for paper-stitching. However, once I started I remembered why I hadn't used this technique for so long - aaargh, this was too much! Placing the fabric in the right place so that it covered the area it was supposed to when it was flipped over... Let's just say that the seam ripper got a good workout!

But finally, these last couple of days the gears clicked into the right slots in my head and the fun began. I find myself staring into space and thinking about stitching and flipping during meetings at work, and about which colours to use next, as I'm walking home. So I really have no choice - it's straight to the sewing machine, and dinner just has to wait, and once it's in the oven I can stitch some more until the timer goes off...  All that extra sewing time has paid off though, so I'm almost done now. Just don't mention all that paper I'll have to remove in a while...

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