Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A bit of support

As I mentioned the other day - new gadgets means new excuses to sew stuff. I was thinking of buying some kind of stand for the iPad, as I intend to use it a lot for keeping track of knitting and sewing patterns and it would be handy to have it standing upright while trying to decipher a knitting chart and not have to keep putting the needles down to pick up the pattern. While trying to decide on a stand I came across this on Pinterest. Genius! And so simple to make. Just two rectangles of home dec fabric, a bag of rice and a few seams, and there you are! A pyramid for the ipad to lean against and a ridge in front to ensure that it doesn't slide down. The tutorial was easy to follow and now that I have managed to sweep all the excess rice up from the floor, I am ready to set up my knitting patterns in knitCompanion and get started.


Unknown said...

Yeah! It looks fantastic glad it worked for you.

Lily Boot said...

that is so cool - and you're spot on - it drives me nutty having to fumble about with needles and ipad when all I need to know is what to do next (what a first world complaint huh!) - I think I may have to steal your idea dear :-)