Sunday, August 12, 2012

So cosy

This is my new ipad cosy. A new gadget is the perfect excuse to sew something new, right? I spent hours searching the net for an idea, but I ended up doing my own thing. As one does.

I used various text fabric, some natural linen/cotton mix, and I just couldn't resist adding some polka dots! I stitched my various strips and pieces together forming a piece that was long enough to go around the iPad lengthwise + a few inches, so it would cover the opening of the pocket.  I layered my finished piece with lining and batting, stitched a seam around the edge, leaving an opening for turning it inside out, stitched the opening closed by hand and quilted it.

I chose to quilt with alternating lines by hand and machine, which gives a lovely, soft texture. The pocket was made of one piece of polka dot fabric, layered with lining and batting in the same manner as the main piece and stipple-quilted, before I stitched it to the main piece along the bottom, taking a detour up the middle and back down to form two compartments.

After stitching a length of ribbon on to the back (just a few stitches across the ribbon) I folded the piece to form a pocket, just a little bit shorter than the iPad and stitched down the edge of each side, catching the side of the pockets in the seam.
And there you are, a nice cosy to tuck the new friend into for the night. I just fold the flap over and tie the ribbon in a pretty bow and it's safe and sound. And as an added bonus, the cosy is soft enough to roll up and use as a support under the pad for reading and writing. Yes, quite happy with this one! And I love how it looks like a neat little parcel waiting for me with the promise of all the wonders of the world waiting inside...
And because new apps must be played with - here's a little sketch from Skitch with all the measurements. 9" might seem a little wide, but I promise, with all the quilting lines making it pucker up it turned out to be just right.

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