Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet sewing fabric

I must admit a weakness for text fabric, and ever since Sweetwater's fabric line Authentic caught my attention, I have been eagerly looking forward to each new fabric line from this great design team. So it is no surprise that I was quick on the trigger (or the mouse - but when it comes to internet surfing that's the same thing, isn't it?) when their newest line, Sew Mama Sew, became available and ordered a whole stack of fat quarters.
 I have been playing with them since they arrived - sorting them by colour, by pattern, stacking them up, spreading them out and just savouring them.
This is a particular enjoyment that my new-sewing friends would never understand. If I had told them, they'd just think I was plain weird! "But what is it for?" would be the question, "What are you going to make?". And, you know: I have no idea! For now they will sit on a shelf above my sewing machine so I can rest my eyes on them from time to time, and I'm sure an idea or two will come to me sooner or later.
And while I was shopping I couldnt resist two other sewing related fabrics. These are from Timeless Treasures. Aren't they fun?

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kim sherrod said...

I was recently at Florida's largest quilt shop- Rainbow's End up in Dunedin and saw this line of fabrics! I bought a few- I love them mixed in my work too! There is no need to try to explain why you have to have a certain fabric- you just NEED IT! LOL! I have been collecting blue sky, basket weave and of course gnome fabric for years now!!!
I just wanted to stop by and say hi!