Wednesday, July 04, 2012

All kitted out

 With all this fabric shopping I've been doing, I'd better get a bit more sewing done. There isn't a lack of plans either, but sometimes getting started, ironing and cutting and calculating seems to much of a chore - I just want to get to the stitching pieces together part, you know? So one day when I was in prep mode ( it might have something to do with the fact that I was bored with trying to get to grips with my scraps ...) I sorted out the fabric I would need for my next three projects and started cutting strips and pieces. First in line is a tablecloth with Malka Dubrawsky-fabric. I'm making corner log cabin blocks, improv style - which is quite a challenge for me. I tend to end up with some kind of system, making all the blocks the same anyway - we'll see how I fare this time.
 Next in line is a quilt using Lotta Jansdotter fabric - actually come to think of it, this was what started the whole cutting frenzy - I wanted to make those placemats for my sister (see the previous post) and had to make sure I had enough fabric for this quilt first.
Then there was this stack of Amy Butler squares I have had lying in wait on my sewing table since my Birmingham trip two years ago (!). The cutting didn't take that long once I got down to it, and now I have three kits ready for when the sewing bug hits. Wait, make that two - I just had to get started on those Malka-strips this morning - before breakfast even - they were lying there next to the sewing machine calling out to me (really, I swear!). At this rate I might have to start cutting more fabric before you know it. In fact, I realized yesterday that I haven't got any summery placemats of my own, and I have soem Hometown fabric that would be perfect...

Just as well I have three weeks off work :-)

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