Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Almost forgot

 I had these new placemats all rolled up and ready to wrap before I remembered to take pictures.
They were quickly unrolled and I snapped a picture right there and then. At least it shows the colours well ... But you can't see them all here, so I threw them on the floor:
Now I really should have ironed them before taking the photos, but there was no time. I can only assure you that the edges aren't as wavy as they seem here. I used block patterns from the Avalon quilt pattern by Elisabeth Hartman, featured in the Quiltfestival Magazine. The fabric is of course by Lotta Jansdotter combined with a cotton/linen blend and narrow strips in Kona Cotton Raisin. I used more Lotta on the back and quilted them all in wobbly lines.
There -  a quick photosession, placemats rolled and tied, giftwrap added - and I was off to my sister's birthday party, where they were a great success :-)

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Kirsten said...

I love these placemats - such a great pattern! Hope I can still find that magazine.....